Friday, December 24, 2010

Old Town White Coffee and Chopsticks!

No kidding! i learned it with my efforts! tadaaa,, jom makan ayam:)

Certainly, i miss this moment! Thanks for being a good teacher.:')

One thing for sure, i intend looking for a whole beginning of beautiful life.
i ve to do sumtin
i ve to do the best i know at the moment
and if it doesn't turn out right
i can modify it together as i go along.


Amoi MiyaSya said...

weee ~ pandai gune chopstick !

atieshariffuddin said...

tqa! baru belajar gne chopstick ? hee, somel je.. slalu practice ok.. bergune, sbb skrg slalu buat pape pn pakai chopstick je.. haha