Monday, December 27, 2010

It's All About MINDSET

Effectively, the lectures works out in mine.
Attending some subject that's not quite familiar with us,
Pretending to be like it is all okay to us,
That's YOU. A human.

When i got into the Entrepreneurial Behavior class just now, the lecturer really impressed me from the way she talks and giving me lots of examples that i can understand and be along with.

She talks about MINDSET. Some people may have more fixed mindset than the growth mindset and also otherwise. Can mindset be changed? Yes, indeed! But not from the rules and regulations. If you create rules and regulations, people might be following you but their mindset would not change totally as they become resist of your creation rules. One word to describe it, as they will change their mindset when they come into a CULTURE.

For example, if you works for someone, let's say in a Honda company in overseas,, their car parking are available to everyone including the Boss, Chef Executive, Executive Officer, cleaner, office boy and etc2. They do not specialized their parking lot from your level whether you have a great post or not. That is their culture. But when you're being transfered to Malaysia, let's say to work in the university as a lecturer, the lot parking wouldn't be the same as overseas, as the parking lot inside the university is specialized to Dean, Professor, Dr and other positions. So, would your mindset be change?? Yes! Then you would park it outside the university, isn't it??.:)

So, MINDSET does change when it relates to CULTURE. It is very important to have an entrepreneurial mindset. For me, everyone is possible to have a creative idea to built something. Why do i say so? Although people can be differ in every which way she/he is but everyone can change and think wisely as they grow through applications and experience.

That's all. Thanks for reading!


atieshariffuddin said...

mentality malaysian mostly mmg terikat dgn budaya... ada yg bgus, n some other not...
tpi kebykan nye la, mentality bekenaan x membina pn kearah kemajuan
ececeh, membebel byk. haha

SyerAgh said...

lecture kita sma la awak. ambik subjek apa nie? papepun gud lark untuk arab 1 ya

Sachi Asukai said...

Atie, yah..we re different from them kan? Ape eh examples for mentality yang tak membina? Hiks, aku suka la ko membebel. meriah blog aku taw!

Asraf, same eh? Entrepreneurial behaviour. Dah state kat entry tue, tanye lagi =.='