Friday, October 21, 2011

Assignments, Presentations.


Today is a FRIDAY. Alhamdulillah. Still in a great condition as well. As i woke up early in the morning, the first thing that caught my attention is to open the laptop. hahaaa. Internet is like a must for me to surf on eveghyydayy! by the way, sorry my lovely blog! I just have the opportunity to open and typing a story for you. For 2 months i d leave u all alone, today and the next-next day i ll accompanied you with my stories, yah!

I ll be ranting about THIS WEEK. ohh, hectic week i guess. those sequence days are like an UNFORGETTABLE-MOMENT-O. As a student, as well lah kan. too synonyms with assignments and presentations before heading up to examinations. ggrrr. The most unforgettable minute happened when my group haven t finish up the slide presentations & including me! ohh myy, and the last minute we re done, our lecturer called upon us to present the slide which entitled "Aqueous Processes - Sedimentation From Turbidity Currents". Oh yeah, we presented it as nothing as in a messy results. Everything went smoothly and in unpredictable way. Subhanallah! Though it still be a lesson for us and it will never ever ever happen again. And assignments. Submit this, and u ve got another task to be completed, and plus with another preparation on presentations of certain subjects. BUSY WEEK. but alhamdulillah, everything happens for a reason. Allah doesnt want me to do lagha things i guess. and He keep making me a busy woman for the best future day one. God Willing :)

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