Sunday, June 17, 2012

You're Not Alone, I Promise!


A good way to forget your troubles is to help people out of theirs :) 
Everyday we ask Allah to guide us to the straight path, sadly many of us are not actually willingly to make that journey. Termasuk saya. That is our struggle. Every people have their own struggle untuk berubah. Jangan persoalkan mereka, reflect ourselves in the mirror!

All mankind is lost. The sunnah is our GPS, the Quran is our vehicle, the iman is our fuel and our ultimate destination is Jannah! We know that, but to be sure we must have the input and knowledge in living independently for the sake of life. Without Allah in our side, we can do nothing. But with Allah on our side, there is nothing we cannot do. Subhanallah :) Kita perlukan nikmat dan rahmat dia skali. Itu yang membezakan kita dengan agama lain. The mercy :)

Kita menangis kerana manusia. Kadang baik, kadang kejam. Rasa itu buat kita penat. Lelah dengan sikap mereka. Kita berharap, kita gembira. Tapi Dia lebih tahu. Kita dah lama bergelak tawa sampai terlupa, cuma kali ni je Dia ambil untuk kita rasa perit. You can't change the past, but you can ruin the future by neglecting the present. Please kuat :') I know you will be a stronger muslimah, better than me :)

They say you can never LOVE someone whom you have never seen. But we haven't seen our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w but we do love him dearly :) Being a human, it's not absolute to say that we've never going through a pretty tough time. Of course, in our lifetime we've been doing our fair share of crying. It's okay, it's a good process actually. But please, don't worry. Keep your chin up, nothing is as bad as you think. Call me if you need me, i've been through some pretty tough times too :D

This is my 'gift' for you. You're not alone! I promise :)
It's a long way to go. But the best part is, He will always with us and never will leave us.
Sayang awak sangat, jaga diri yah 


aisha said...

aisha aini: tqa awak..awak buat sha terharu sgt..xtahu nak ckp mcm mn utk tunjuk rs bersyukur sha ada shbt sprt tqa,always ada masa nak dgr cite sha,nsht sha,support sha xkan putus doa utk shbt2 sha yg cukup baik utk diri sha..syukran syg..:')

Sachi Asukai said...

Takkan putus doa tqa utk sha. Remember? I'll love you always. I'll support u no matter what! Jaga diri, jaga iman ea.
#Banyak sgt kekurangan diri, maafkan saya :(