Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Good Things Come In Every Way You Might Not See


Saidina Umar once said, YOU WILL ONLY KNOW a person, when you live with them. That's when their TRUE COLOUR comes out. Even a 10 years RELATIONSHIP will never actually able you to know a person real-self. Because in relationship, you will only do, what your partner LIKES you to do. You pretend to be someone else. After all, i believe, my parents will choose the right person for their daughter. Some one who can match my character. After all, who knows you best other than your parents? :)

We all have our own way in walking our path. The important thing is, always pick the BEST path you can find. The path that gives you good reasons, when you are questiones by your Creator.

Alhamdulillah :)



idillic said...

hey, hey.. what i missed?? omnomnomnom

nabila azmi said...

ehem2..hehe..something special kak??=)