Monday, October 25, 2010

Jom Dengar Cerita MR.Doc | US, Master's and PHD.

Bismillah (In the name of Allah)..

Yesterday, i went to clinic for some purposes.
Doc said that my ache was not that seriously bad.
Alhamdulillah :)
This is one-to-one conversation,
In a sudden, we changed the topic to sumtin' bout the career.
I couldn't really make up ma mind as to wut had started us proceed with dat conversation.
For a minute, i paused. i considered wut he'd told me as 1 of da guidance towards my future, indeed.

We talked about degrees, master's and also PHD education.
He told me wut da benefits n differences were in having the two degrees.
I told him,

"Doc, someone asks me to pursue my studies in master's degree. but i'm not really dat confident enough in making it happen."

Doc said,

"Think twice, n if u're truly serious in pursuing it, u can do it."

Doc encouraged me more n he added,

"Do u know sumtin'? I'm taking the master in my final year in medic, yet i'm the one who was still pleasant to be one of da best students amongst lecturers. But then, i stopped before i cud finished my master.."

I was a bit curious n i wanted to know more why he'd made such decision.
When i enquired him further, he smiled and said..

"Nothing is impossible in life. It's about my personal life. In medic, doc levels are limited till the master's education. We don't hv PHD. In other courses, they hv. I'm taking the master's degree for some reason..I wanna increase my knowledge n also having an extra 'pocket money' in life. But now, it seems like money is not 1 of the targets in my life anymore. It's about my family. Just imagine, when i've my master's degree, i'm a specialist n i wud transferred to anywhere, such as Sabah or Sarawak. How bout my family? I wanna c them growing up like other fathers do too. And at dat time, money is not one of my priorities compared to my beloved family."

I understood n absolutely agreed with wut he said. It's true.

Different people hv different main goals in his/her life.
And he drew some illustrations to make me comprehend wut da differences between undergraduate, master's and PHD students.

(tak nampak jugak?click picta nie)

Okay, this is an example of the medic course studies. Try 2 apply it on our course.

Undergraduate Students:
  • Our main targets are to study n score those entire subjects, which listed as above.
  • We're just applying it on our goals n achievement.
  • This level wud narrow down the subject u want to take as your main target.
  • For example, u acquire more knowledge n hv desire 2 pursue your master's in 'ear' subject. Then, you're listed as ear specialist.
  • In other words, you're an expert in dat field.
  • The difference from US is u gain da knowledge u got from different sources n place, compare it n make an assumption on that.
  • It's totally different from US and Master's.
  • It's related to research n based on ur experience.
  • You wud compile all dat information u got n make a new title based on ur research dat no one has ever done bout it before.
  • It seems harder than i thought.

Okay, that's all the knowledge n facts i got from MR. Doc which can be shared wif u all.
And c u again readers!

LOve & be loved,



asrul amanda said...

why U dun ask him. what isthe different between Prof, Prof Madya and Dr title.

just wonder

Sachi Asukai said...

@asrul amanda

erk?huu.okie2, i will tanya in da next session wif doc.haha.tapi tgu sakit dulu la baru jumpa doc.aiceh~^^.relevant jugak your quest.nnt i tanya okey!

atieshariffuddin said...

hmm, bercadang jugak nk amek masters, tpi in environment health lah... if dpt masters, at least i'm going to earn more money.. xyah kene posting g mane2, just pegi private companies, mintak jadi health officer kt sane..

Sachi Asukai said...


subhanallah, tingginya cita2 atie!hee, tqa pn tengah pk nak ke tak sambung after graduate nnt. InsyaAllah, ad rezeki sambungla. gud luck for you and me! kita sama2 berusaha, yah! :) bila atie komen, teringat kenangan2 mse kat semashur. windunya!windu sgt2~