Monday, June 4, 2012

This Is How It Goes.


Three weeks ago, I'm not feeling very well. I have fever, stomach ache, bad appetite, bad vomiting, and sometimes headache. I felt back pain and tired all over my body. It's not really a serious disease, and so I thought. So I stayed at home by taking medicines that mum bought from Segera Clinic and Monavie juices. Unfortunately at that time, the number of Monavie had left are small so I finished it all by myself. As we all know, pain doesn't just go away just like rain and summer. Same goes to me, there are at times which I felt sick and healthy as ever. 

Suddenly, my body temperature increases, same goes with the pain im having. At 4am, mama and abah decided to take me to the hospital which is near, Putrajaya Hospital. At the emergency room, the nurse gave me 'something i don't know what it called' to drink but the pain just won't go away. So they decided to take few blood test, urine test and X-ray test. Then, I was admitted because of gastric and stayed at a ward. It was beautiful. The doctors are very polite and caring. 

The doctor asked me whether I had taken my meal oftener or at a punctual time. I answered "Yesterday I didn't have my lunch because I was still full". Then she said I should've taken my lunch because the  stomach will produce some sort of gases that will accumulate in the stomach when there are no presence of food. It will 'explode' when the number of gases increases in the stomach. Now I noticed why I've always had gastric. I have this habit of eating only when I am desperately hungry and it is a bad habit of eating actually. Wana, a friend of mine told me that we must eat the way Rasulullah did. She said:
"Kalau makan cara Rasulullah, kena makan sebelum lapar."
Now i know the proper way of eating healthily thanks to her. Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for giving me this pain because it made me realize that I should treasure every minutes of my life by taking care of myself.

It really hurts when an Indian doctor punctured needle into my nerves.

This is how i looked at that moment...vampire pale faces huh?

I had really bad eye bags at this moment as I keep sleeping all the time. Oh and I enjoyed eating porridge and coffee at the same time.

Thank you for all your concern. Btw, there is something attractive with the comments. Someone asked me about the Monavie. Thank you for asking.

Let me explain, why in some of the cases people keep questioning this,
"Saya dah makan banyak ubat tapi tak sembuh pun."
"Saya dah minum banyak Monavie, tapi tak sembuh pun." 
Then when i asked them, how many bottles have you consume in Monavie? Then there is an old man who had diabetes for 7 years said he had consume three bottles of Monavie. Hello! Ni yang nak marah ni. You cannot expect something miracle happens very easy if you have that disease for almost 7 years, man. Open your eyes, if you wanna be healthy, you must consume MORE proportionally with your disease (untuk orang yang nak sihat.)

And 1 more thing, Monavie is not a supplement. It is not a medicine or cure but it is a FOOD. When you give your body good food, your body is the best doctor that will able to fight any disease. Don't trust me, TRY IT! Definitely, then you can make your own conclusions.

I wanna highlight something on this. REMEMBER, whenever you consume any food, any supplement, any medicine, any drink, healthy stuff and etc, that thing is NOT THE ONE which can heal you, but Allah did. Trust in Him. If you consume Monavie, say "Ya Allah Ya Syafi" repeatedly and drink. InsyaAllah, Allah will ease your pain. And please have a positive thoughts in your mind. Don't regret when something bad happen to you, but always grateful for that because Allah will give us a better gift beyond of our expectation.

After two days being warded at the hospital, doctor have seen my improvement and i become healthy. Alhamdulillah.

The next day, when I woke up in the morning, suddenly I felt stomach cramp. I immediately go to the fridge downstairs and open up the new Monavie bottle that i bought from the office. I drank half of the bottle and tawakkal, may it helps to reduce my pain. Syukur, Monavie helps to ease the gastric/stomach cramp! I thank Allah for everything and I'm happy now. I'm more concerned about the nutrition in food that im taking and the time i should've taken my meal. I would ensure my stomach to be filled with something light like biscuits or oats if I don't feel like eating at all.

Thank you again for all of your continued prayers, especially to my mother who had not being despair for praying, tahajjud, reading the Quran and taken care of me whenever i need her. I really appreciate it. Thank you also to all of my friends for taking your time, time to stop and take an interest in me -- and most of all, time to smile at me and show you care.


fura said...

thanks Allah for giving you a good health after went through a suffering pain.

que said...

take a good care of yourself

sarah said...

Cara pemakanan Rasulullah...bukan makan SEBELUM lapar...
yang sebenarnya, makan KETIKA lapar dan berhenti SEBELUM kenyang.