Saturday, November 19, 2011



Alhamdulilah for the precious moment I had yesterday. Speechless! Wanted the Allah's Rahmat and my next coming journey. Thanx to Allah! I didn t expect i would won such a prize. Unexpected! Because there were many talented muslimah better than i am. Yesterday, yah i m grateful in that day. I got new friends, including in JT's and the participants. SYUKUR!

Unfortunately, in the same day, i faced a bad experience. Owh, only God knows how scared i am to face this kind of people. But i wanna say Alhamdulillah too! If Allah didn t send me those reminders i wouldn t know  setinggi mana tahap ketegasanku dlm menjaga diri sendiri and be aware to people around me. Sachi, please dun be too peramah kepada orang yang awak tak kenal =.=' "Ya Allah, peliharalah diriku dari kejahatan orang-orang sekeliling, dan peliharalah IMAN & TAQWAKU! Jauhkanlah aku dari tipu daya manusia, dan peliharalah kesucian & maluku di hadapan insan yang ajnabi."

I wanted to be A ROSE THORN, yang sukar disentuh oleh tangan yang tidak berhati-hati. The thorns that grow encloses the holy spirit, which the beauty is considered a strong point fortified by the thorn grews around. I WISH! The rose was a part of bettle minded, but not all the bettles are able to comprehend it from a branch. Hanya yang telah ditentukan Sang Pencipta sahaja yang akan berjaya memilikinya. She was blessed to be a ROSE THORN. I WISH i could be a better muslimah and being like a this 'Rose Thorn Story'. Ameen.

 I extend my greatest gratitude "THANKS" to GIGAM PHOTOGRAPHY ENS, 
for this classy picture :)


ainaacoral said...

u desrve it sayang <33


jaga diri baik2

89 said...

dear, what did you won? i know nothing. bad me :(

n pliz take care always. the world isnt a very safe place. take care!

Sachi Asukai said...

@ainaa, MUCHO GRACIAS for ur support :'), and thanks for accompanied me that 1 whole day!

@kak ila, thanks for still support sachi from the beginning sachi blogging smpai skrg! and i will notice that kak..merci for the advice :')

@hanis syg, you ll know in my next post.yah, sudah terhantuk baru terngadah. that peribahasa suits me well.i will be more careful after this.and u know wut, bila tqa jumpa that person,dah jadi fobia sket utk pergi mana2 alone!=.='' O Allah, thanks kerana maruahku masih terpelihara :')