Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joyeux Anniversaire Anna Nordin!

Belated actually.

i will miss you next semester babe!

Sorry for not celebrating your 10th April because bad!
Semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki. May Allah be with you always.
Thanks for supporting me in all ways especially when im down and cryin.
Friends forever,,and gud luck with your FINAL yah!
take care.


a friend said...

Hey what a beatiful blog u have this time?? it was nice but lil childish and more empty space at the top..maybe u should put something besides ur very cute face... your face really really really cute, put something next to you to make ur expression face more

Amoi MiyaSya said...

wahh ! cantik la blog awak :) btw , say happy birthday to her yeah ? :)

Sachi Asukai said...

A friend,thanks for your concern :) n i might wondering again 'who is this?' huhuhu.btw, yah for the header it was a lil bit empty at the top.maybe it's just a beginner.n i dun hv much time though to create it time maybe :)im happy to hear ur suggestion and thanks a, sachiasukai.

Sachi Asukai said...

amoi miyasya, thanks <3 orite, i ll tell her nanti!tehee~