Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Kak Nurul Fatni's Engagement Day. CONGRATULATIONS SIS!!


On 25th December 2011, i went to two special occasions which one of them, is about Kak Fatni's Engagement Day.

Honestly, this is the first time i meet her. We knew each other on facebook. Yah, she inspired me a lot! She s the one who always motivate & encourage me in terms of life & personality, how to face problems and so on. I don t really know why my intuition is craving upon to meet her very much though i don t really know her well. Well, some people said 'Instinct' have a very common place in our heart. It is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way. I was driving it by that kind of instinct.

Kak Fatni, Abang Hasif, hearty CONGRATULATIONS to both of you, on your engagement! Kak Fatni, you re such a pretty woman on the inside and out. May your engagement be the beginning of a lifetime filled with special love and happiness.

My awkward face while waiting Kak Fatni at the outside of her house. Masa ni majlis sarung menyarung cincin oleh bakal ibu mertua kepada bakal menantunya sedang berlangsung. Eceh~
(Datang lambat time nie.=.='')

Precious moment! We cherished this day happily.

A fairytale has just begun in the most perfect way,
Down on one knee a ring was given, "YES" did the lady say,
But this is not a dream you re in, this is love that s true,
Now all await with eagerness the day you ll say "I DO!"

# Kak Fatni, May Allah's blessings be upon you in everything you plan. On this sweet occasion, i wish you both a healthy and romantic life ahead. 

-With Love, NURUL-


liza said...

subhanallah..cantiknye kak fatni..yg sebelah kak fatni pun cntik..:)

Unknown said...

nak tanye..dulu ade lagu mcm arab ke hindustan yang best sngt dlm blog awk ni..lagu ape yer?