Friday, June 1, 2012

In Fact If You Don't Know

In fact, if you dont know im just placing my new chatbox, and it is displayed at the right of the sidebar.
This chatbox is kinda different than others because at first, i dont really know how to use it. Sebab yalah, slalunya kan ada nama, link, dengan comment yang kita boleh fill up immediately in the empty space of that box rite. But for this one, it is unique. It's okay, lets learn to get along! 
(AGAIN, in fact if you dont know).

1. Fill up your name at the 'Guest' side.
2. Drop down your link, so it ll be easier for me to drop by too =)

3. And then, click 'OK', or it would be just easier for you to hit the 'Enter' button on your keyboard.
4. 'Say something'. Wallllaaaah! Siap =)

Senangkan. Thank you for reading.

# Caci mencaci is not allowed in here. Remember, YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY.

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