Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Changing Habits - It Ain't Easy!

I was browsing through the YouTube when i found Donald Trump's family on Oprah. I just can't stop my finger from pressing the play button. Through the interview, Don Jr was asked on how he was brought up. Like expected, he has been a loyal companion to his father even at a very young age. They grew up playing in the office while listening to his dad's meetings. And it kindda struck me, 

"Owh!" THAT'S HOW successful people being brought up!

I remembered when a friend suggested me a book to read. And it was something about how Donald Trump makes money. Can u imagine reading that nearly 500 pages thick non-fiction book when u even didn't have the habit of reading? But no biggie, at that time, i was trying my best (slowly) to make reading as one of my routine. And alhamdulillah, my struggle payed off (with discipline and trying reading per page non stop)  :) And reading is my new habit nowadays! Syukur. We all know that it’s tough though. All i can tell you is that it’s worth it.

Michael Jackson said it well,

"If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself. And then make a change."

It ain't easy to change a bad habit, until you figure it out the solution on how to make yourself a better superior man/woman.

Salam Maghrib :)

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