Friday, August 12, 2011

Significant Time-table Ramadhan! SUPERB!

[Click on this picture to enlarge & download this image]

This significant time-table is taken from Sis Fatni, my lovely sister. She actually wrote and drew this table for herself and also for others to plan and arrange everything in the order of your life. Syukran Sis Fatni!

THIS IS MY AIM FOR THIS MAAL HIJRAH 1432 is FOR THIS: CHECKLIST: ARE YOU MUSLIM ENOUGH? This is what i ve been thinking for such last Muharam 1431 but as a human, i always forget to make it. The idea is there but i forgot to make it. Now, Alhamdulillah i ve done it.. Frens, hope this sharing idea can help you all and myself indeed.
I'm a schematic person, need to plan and arrange my life in a 'TABLE'
~You can take this idea. How to use?
1. Make it into 1 month paper
2. Photocopy it.
3. Paste/hang at wall/table
4. Tick and write for each AMALAN that u have done for 1 day.
5. Make it into a BOOK after Muharam next year.
6. THEN WE SHOULD MUHASABAH DIRI.....introspection of ourself.

Salam, Nurul Fatni. Salam Maal Hijrah 1432 :)