Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sunday Date

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim et Assalamualaikum.

Last week, i went for a simple date at Sunway Pyramid with some of the lovely ladies over here (Didi and Keylaa). They were awesome, suka betul part nak berjalan. And im happy too sebab ada kawan. Kalau tak, rasa lonely je duduk di kejiranan baru kat Puchong ni. Didi acts as our driver sebab dia paling handal bawak kereta. Meluncur jauh~ laju betul. Sampai2 je, semua dah lapar. Then, we stopped at Secret Recipe and ordered this (mood tengah lapar):

2 sets of Prawn Macaroni with Cheese and Iced Lemon Tea :) #Yummy!

and 1 set of Thai Style Fried Rice. Delicious! Ingat nak makan my faveret Chicken Cordon Bleu, tapi tak jadi bila dalam set tu ada jagung. I much prefer ada salad mcm dulu :|

Randomly, this is our moment and hey, look at Keylaa's expression when i wanna candid her picture. Haha. Comel betul.

Sesi teman Didi cari earrings actually, but i was eager to try out this thingy at my shawl and jeng3x, inilah hasilnya :D
Macam ape dah letak kat shawl -.-' haha.

Then we went to a Japanese store and i was attracted by this stuff. Comel2 sangat. Semua RM 5 :)

And we tried out this. It's soft and best pakai. Tapi tak beli pun. Bila nak pergi oversea nnt baru beli. Hee, boleh tak? :D
'Kembar' tengah buat expression yang sama. lol~

And this was the last place we visited before heading home. Tengok2 kat lua je lah. Hahaa, windows shopping. Nampak superb kan restaurant nii. #Tetibe teringat cerita Full House.


Thank you Didi, thank you Keylaa sebab teman :)
Okaylah. Till then, folks. I guess this will be a short update or blog post here. 
Thank you, wassalam ^^

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