Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ramadan, Allah's Blessing Is In Abundance


Time flies, really fast! And before we know it, Ramadan will be over and it's already Syawal and Eid. Ramadan is like altitude training. The inner transformations that take place as you temporarily restrict your intake allow you to function at higher proficiency upon returning to regular intake. 

In this month, as you patiently fast in the day and urgently call unto your Lord in the evening, as you begin to appreciate the bread and the water that you often take for granted, as you learn to fell for the less fortunate, as you hear the verses that clear the gloominess lurking around your heart, as you reflect upon words that boost your faith and increase you in remembrance, as you find satisfaction in the little that you have, as you develop selflessness that generates exceptional generosity, as your eyes pour out the tears that you hid fearing a display of weakness, as your faults and errors rewind themselves in your memory, as your target for past sins is met with your Lord's boundless forgiveness, and as you fall in love with the source of love remember to thank Him for the gift of Ramadan. And remember that the best way to thank Him for a gift is to treasure it, love it, and make the best out of it. 

In the month of Ramadan, God's blessing is in abundance. His blessings is everywhere. His pleasure is opened throughout Ramadan. His forgiveness is wide open day and night. His rewards likened to a heavy rain. Multiplied, compared to other months. His blessings spills over to anyone who wishes to acquire it. But will we able to acquire it all? Do we deserve to get it? (ask, ask and ask ourselves T_T) Are we the ones to accept this special privilege if during Ramadan only our outward traits are lively, celebrated with a feast of food & drinks only...but our minds and soul does not make any changes? That privilege is only for those who have TAQWA.

Oh Allah, make us from those who use Ramadan to draw closer to you. And make us from those who attain the blessings of Laylatul Qadr. Oh Allah, accept from us what we do and inspire us to do what is acceptable to you. Ameen.

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