Thursday, December 13, 2012


As I was waiting my turn to present my FYP proposal, I keep reading back the slides and report that I made in convincing myself and build confidence inside when answering those questions. Alhamdulillah, I made it my way and it was pleasure to hear out what do's and dont's that I need to improve in order to produce a good research and thesis.

Talking about learning. There's a lesson for each of us. In order to achieve something, we must invest in ourselves. We must invest to achieve our goals, and one of them - is investing in education. True education is the soundest investment you can make in yourself. Anything which improves thinking ability is education. And you can obtain it in many ways. And heyy! - Education is not only by going to colleges and universities, but ideas built from your interest, acquiring knowledge from people around us and learning from the past, experiences and so on (to protect your future).

*Sorak to myself*
Come on final year student! Set yourself a target of 4 months left for your thesis (deduct all your time makan, minum, tidur, rehat, tengok movie and so on), broken down into targets of each chapter. This would help you in reserve before the final absolute deadline. The most important parts of the day are the BEGINNING and END. Build your momentum early! And have a routine for ending too :) At the end of each day, try to left yourself easy to do to get started with the next day. And eventually when you wake up, you know what you are going to do. Ha! And 1 more thing. Tidied your desk at the end of eveghyy day. Because it helped close the day mentally and stopped your brain going over and over the thesis at night - REST! 

"Bantulah kami Ya Allah agar ISTIQAMAH di jalanMu.."

Uji kesabaran diri sendiri untuk belajar.
Berjuang sungguh-sungguh.
InsyaAllah, ada kemanisan menanti di penghujungnya :)

*Doa kuat-kuat*
*Focus kuat-kuat!*

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