Friday, January 14, 2011

When There's A Will, There's A Way :)

Bismillah, salam.

  • Wake up around 6.30 am.
  • Rushing nak hantar kereta sewa balik.
  • Visiting the Agro Park.
  • Breakfast milo panas :)
  • Jalan-jalan near the Pantai Timur eventhough tak bukak lagi.
Hari Jumaat di Kelantan, it seems like a quiet atmosphere over here. Especially pagi-pagi. Huhh,,but i noticed something when I am in this state. A fresh air in the morning!! Ahhaa, nampak sangat malas jalan-jalan pagi buta nak kuar dari hostelkan. Well, a student life kan. Bila holiday menjelma je biarpun hari jumaat or sabtu, everybody dok busy besarkan badan je kat bilik! Tidur banyak, makan banyak, online banyak buttttt PEMALAS nak study! cettt~ That's me lah, tak tahu la orang lain pulak kan. hiks. (muka senyum sambil menggeliat angkat tangan macam orang baru bangun tidur, teheeeee~)

Then i read my besties blog. And she create a new entry that attracting me so which is, "The Answer is with Allah". Yah, a short one but full of meaning. Kecik, u make my day lorh. Thanks! I'm happy for you!! And in that matter, u should consider yourself as a big grown up girl now, okayh! Dah matang dah kecik nih. Can't wait to meet this Alexxxx girl because she is the best ever person i can dealing for, in any matters! Dear, when there's a will, there's a way.:) Trust me, u can handle this with no doubt.:)

P/S for Aidoru:  

- Allah will help any of you who moves in the way of Allah.
- A very small degree of hope will sufficiently to cause the birth of love.

I'm hoping and doa' what's the best for you.:) Allah kan Maha Mendengar :')



insya allah..insya allah..amana suka lagu tue jugak...

insya allah semua yg sachi nak tercapai jugak

89 said...

hehe.. thanks my dear for putting ur trust on me.. the thing u told me last nite, it was sudden and i dunno wut to think of it.. i asked myself.. "is this for real or am i dreaming rite now??" coz it doesnt seem so real. n it was like 2 gud 2 b true.. ahah! after all, juz like ur post up there, im getting to think that my situation rite now is juz as the same as ur story wit the dubai guy.. dun u think so?? hmmm... nvm, wut matters now is wut Allah have to give me. so i will not stop hoping for His Rahmat although it means facing hardship n rough time. huhu.. pray for me to face this one keyh! luv ya~ :)

d_tieah said...

Study sgt mlas kan..

Sachi Asukai said...

InsyaAllah, lagu tue best jugak..hiii,mendalam maksud!

Whooaa, is it the same as it is?? Not really dear.i mean, though it might be the same as the person in cyberspace, but this person u had already know him before aite. now u've the objective to do wut u shud do.Allah will guide u n show u the way, as long as u hoping for His me, u can face this hardship!love u Hanis!

Study akan jadi malas bila kita mindset kan 'malas'.hii~