Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Aide Memoire. Merci!


Maaf, lambat update. Kekangan masa yang sangat hebat lagi-lagi nak final, plus with assignments and 1 more presentation is really hectic for me. But Alhamdulillah, i can manage it well. 

I remembered a day while i was taking my rest and lying down on the carpet at Surau Perempuan after the Asr prayer, my heart suddenly moved to chat with someone. Sure, i can t sleep at all that time though my eyes are madly into slumber and i keep yawning again and again. Then, i started to observe everyone, each of 'em finding who the right person is i can chat with.  At the moment, i saw Kasyifah was really concentrated on doing her assignments, facing her laptop all the way. Therefore, i approached her pleasantly and the conversation starts.

Me: Syifah, awak buat apa?
Kasyifah: Tengah buat assignment. Eh, tengok facebook skali. Hehee..

Subsequently, i went along with what she s looking at.

Me: Syifah! Bestnya screen tak rosak..
Kasyifah: Eh, screen awak pun rosak jugak ke?
Me: Yes, teruk sangat sekarang..sampaikan nak ON restart dua tiga kali lah jugak. Sedey je..
Kasyifah: Saya pun sama, tapi tue dulu lah. Awak tau apa saya buat? Saya cakap dengan Allah, saya takde duit masa tue. Saya mintak Allah betulkanlah screen saya nih, sebab masa tue duit saya betul-betul tak cukup nak betulkan screen saya ni. Kan mahal. Alhamdulillah, Allah itu Maha Mendengar. Since tu, screen saya dah tak rosak sampailah sekarang..
Me: Ya Allah! Bagusnya..

Since Syifah told her story, and the word of "SAYA CAKAP DENGAN ALLAH...", suddenly a strange feeling came to me. It s like an atomic BOOOOMM hit and explode around you. I could feel something different. Yah, because i rarely hear this word, i rarely feel to intend communicating with Allah, only in solah, but not ALL THE TIME! Commonly, i always hear "SAYA DOA KAT ALLAH...". These two words might have the same meaning. But in terms of ONE-TO-ONE direct communication to The Almighty, i think, it s different!

Since that, i start to apply this. Yah, because of that, i m now certainly sure Allah will hear whatever my utterance is. And with this conversation, i started seeing her as the one who perhaps could encourage me to do positive things especially in ibadah and some other way of life. I learned something that day. Kasyifah, THANKS!

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