Friday, February 3, 2012

Human Being


From experience tarbiyyah di pagi hari: If you wanna try to understand a person, try to put yourself in him/her shoe. And also, you need to really KNOW, how he/she being raised. What is her/his BACKGROUND. And then you may understand how he/she REACT in certain ways different than you do which you might not EXPECT. Even you may try NOT TO EXPECT ANYTHING. BUT trust me, you still need to expect THE WORST thing that may happen such as (something that you never expect).

Yeah. So in away. I m human and will always be human. Not malaikat. Forgive me for the wrong any of my misbehave. Don t judge. Don t expect. Be patient. Bear with me.

# the time i ask for don t expect something, i m already expect of something..duhh thats the hardest thing to do. (*hardest thing not try to have any expectation on others)

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