Monday, February 6, 2012

I Believe


This song is i specially dedicated to each person that i met in this week. ♥

You knew yourself. Even though was not known by others, Allah knows and He is the witness. You knew my sorrow, problems, heartbreak, hardships and all the pains that might expressed in tears and hard to describe in words. You knew yourself. I could not say more than may Allah make us stronger day by day. I am truly grateful to have all of you in my life. Who willing to listen, who wanna care, who able to be there for me. I am truly and deep deeply touched. I can only thank Allah for this beautiful blessing and gift. We might not be closer enough until we are together, sharing what s in our heart truly and deeply feel. I really really appreciate to those who willing to spent time with me, just being there for me, and keep on advising me on how to deal and move on with this life. Truly from my heart you guys are amazing people. May Allah reward you and may Allah bring guide bring all of us closer to Him and do not let us go astray.

Ya muqollibal qulub, sabbit qulubana 'ala to 'atik. sabbit qulubana 'ala diinik.

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