Thursday, August 2, 2012

Iftar With Family and Guest


Last week, my family decided to have a break fast outside. So we decided to go to Warisan, Putrajaya for an iftar. There are Kak Fiza which is our guest, both of my sisters and I. While there are another 5 of them which are my parents, my brother and her wife and my nephew, Risyad at the other table, since the table only fit for 5 people. We gathered around the table and makes jokes while waiting for our foods and drinks to be served 10 minutes before iftar.

In the meantime, I was in-charged to handle my nephew, Risyad who was hyperactive since he's still at the age of growing up. He ran here and there until I was breathless to chase after him. I've reached my limit so I picked him up and carry the little boy. I placed him on my lap and hold him tight to watch Upin Ipin movies at his father's Galaxy Tab. I realised that it's not an easy thing to handle a kid and it takes lots of responsibility, but this is what we called LIFE. I want to try to comprehend any babies or kids since I will hold onto this 'job' one day soon as a mother.

It's almost Maghrib, I thank Allah for still letting my family and I had the chance to eat together as a family at this holy Ramadhan. We perform our Maghrib prayer at my brother's house at Putrajaya. All of us shared the same prayer rug. We sat on the coach and had a chit chat that ones I've always missed. It was an amazing night. Afterwards my brother and his wife served us the Strawberry tea flavour that they just bought from Cameron Highland. It tasted soo good, delicious as I can say. We went home after Isya' since my sister had an assignment that need to be done. 

The whole day was superb and it made me really happy. Alhamdulillah, I feel so blessed and wanted to have this kind of experience again with them. Another thing that makes me happy is the closeness that we have together especially with the presence of Risyad. Thank you Ramadhan!



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Yup iftr with family the best moment