Sunday, October 23, 2011

The 1st Thing To Be Happy Is To Accept Yourself


Yesterday was a very tiring day. Alhamdulillah, settle all those events, i went to bed like very early.around 8.30 pm. I do have the symptom of cepat penat where ever i go. And when i woke up this morning, i grab along the mineral water and Monavie before heading up to the toilet. I feel energetic! Owh, i need to type with a very short brief on this topic! As after this, i need to clear up all my assignments and resume for my internship.


To be success in everything that u did, no matter what, u MUST be a happy person who can accept yourself 100% thoroughly. But if NOT, you re making the biggest mistake ever. How to convince other people bout us if we ourselves dun have the confidence lie in ourselves. Think!

Mostly, the biggest mistake and fool is to put on our switch into other's hand. Faham tak? Okay, i give u an example. If we re being with a person, and sometimes, we feel that we re not being comfortable with him/her. Sometimes, we just follow his/her opinion on something until we re afraid to advice or even voice out our stand. And we just follow what she/he likes about and we keep on lying our heart that his/her happiness is also for my happiness. Macam, awak buat tue, saya pun kena buat. Follow. Usually this situation happen to  friends and others and mostly besties.hahaa.

The theory is like in Physics. Prinsip Tenaga. Everything in the world vibrate, tak kira lah manusia, haiwan, tumbuh-tumbuhan, particles, etcs. EVERYTHING! How to lighten up the lamp if the switch that u placed is in not your hand but in other's? That is the biggest mistake. I repeat! Sedangkan lampu tue ada kat hati kita, jiwa kita. Bila switch kita duduk kat orang lain, we re not being us. We re doing what he/she want us to do. Kadang-kadang, terpaksa sangat jaga hati orang lain sampaikan bila orang tue downkan kan kita pun, we just accept it. And not willing to fight against his/her way.

When people do like this, kita dah ada low vibration masa nie. And we need sumone who can give us a strong vibration. Really-really STRONG ONE! And hence, u must always charge to gain a strong vibration, melainkan masa tue u dah already sampai tahap janakuasa la kan!hahaha..For instance, macam tenaga nuklear rite, betul-betul awesome vibration energy dia! The question is, how to always have a huge amount of energy in ourselves? Duduk dengan orang-orang yang ada banyak tenaga positif & energetic!

The secret on this is, SAMBUNGKAN TRANSMISSION line like in the electrical principal. Bila masing-masing dah bercantum jadi tenaga nuclear, of course all the charge will be super duper positive and have the strong vibration. Betul atau betul? One of the way to stay energetic is, cari sumber tenaga! If kita duduk hari-hari dengan orang yang lemah, kita akan jadi lemah. That's what we called, energy sucker. That people suck in our energy supaya kita jadi makin lemah. Kita kena duduk dengan 'orang besi' sebab orang besi ni tenaga dia mengalir dengan sangat cepat & senang inspired kita to do all the positive things. Plus, we also have the courage, strength of mind and determination in what we do with this help of strong vibration people!:)

Everything is ENERGY.

P/S: Not all the theory in University, we applied it in life. Okay, dah belajar dah satu benda hari ni rite, people? Sabahal khair :)

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