Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Alhamdulillah exams finished!

We have just completed our Final Examinations and have stepped into the next chapter in life! With an increase of study pressure, we are now in full-swing to focus on the thesis correction and jilid them. May Allah bless the efforts and grant us knowledge that is beneficial. And next, we can totally focus on our great career soon. InshaAllah. (*We - wakil kawan kawan kawan, jama' for saya. haha)

Appreciate yourself for all the efforts you have made,
For answered them properly with knowledgeable,
For Allah holds the hearts of the examiners and people around us,
And He azza wa jalla is The Most Responsible for every milisecond decreed and inch of situation He put us onto. Thus why be afraid? Have tawakkal in Him, you're doing this not for you. It's for Him azza wa jalla. For the deen, for the Ummah.

Banyak lagi perkara nak belajar lepas habis degree ni.
It doesn't mean that you're not a student lepas melangkah keluar dari alam universiti.
Tak tak. Kita akan terus belajar. Dan belajar. Dan belajar.
Belajar tentang kehidupan. REAL LIFE as a leader.

Good luck :)

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